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Only the good survive

Will you meet the challenge?

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This is a critique community.

It is a writing critique community.

My aim with it was for poetry, but any writing will do.


1-Fill out the survey.

4-Favorite piece
5-Favorite poet

2-It must include at least 2 pieces of writing of different topics. It can also be one long piece (like a short story.) We don't want people who know only how to write about one topic (like all poems about death, etc).

3-Use an lj-cut. <*lj-cut*> <*/lj-cut*> Just remove the stars.

4-The members then vote. They can ask questions about the piece, and they can also give contructive critism. We don't want to be mean or hurtful.

5-DON'T TyPe LiK Dis. Its dumb.

6-The moderator (me) counts the votes and makes the final decision.

7-You must be stamped in order to continue posting. It might take a few days, so dont post entries saying "Did I get stamped?"

8-If you get rejected you can try again in 2 weeks with new material. As of now, there is no limit to how many times you can reapply.

9-If you get in, put this button in your user info to promote the community. The more people try to join, the more effective it becomes.

10-When you apply, make sure it says "Am I good enough?" in the subject line so we know you are a newbie.